BATZ INDA BELFRY is a duo featuring two of the UK’s best new rappers, Envy and One Da.  “Rain” is a highly infectious song from their forthcoming EP Two Fly, which will be released on December 8, 2014 via one of the UK’s hottest indie labels, R*2 Records.  This is probably the first time you’re hearing them if you don’t live in the UK, but they’ve got quite a buzz in the UK with radio support from Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and Huw Stephens.  They’ve also been praised in Guardian, NME, BBC Introducing, Metro and Time Out, among others.  Suffice to say we can expect good things from them and we can’t wait to hear Two Fly, not because of the hype but because we’re totally in love with this gem of a song, which finds them expertly raping — and singing during the melancholic chorus — over mild beats, humming synth and other assorted electro-flourishes.  You’d swear it was produced by James Blake, it’s so smooth and sweet.  It’s like a king size chocolate bar on a dreary day, giving you a dopamine rush that suddenly makes everything OK.  Take a bite.


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