If you’re looking for something mesmerizing to binge-watch, check out Kubra on Netflix. The second season just came out. In the first season, someone named Kubra starts text messaging a guy and convinces him that God is speaking to him. And he kind of becomes this activist/prophet figure with all kinds of supporters and such. It’s a Turkish show and takes place in Turkey accordingly and basically this guy becomes so popular and controversial that he essentially becomes an enemy of the state.

I won’t even hint about what it is, but there’s a huge revelation at the very end of season one. And it totally makes you rethink everything that you’ve seen. I had actually thought it was just going to be a one season show even with that revelation because it felt more like a twist than a cliffhanger but I’m happy to say that they did make a second season and it’s great. It’s also very, very different from the first season, being that it takes place after the big revelation. I wish I could tell you more because it’s so damn intriguing but you’ll just have to watch it for yourself. Trust me, if I told you more, it would ruin it. You just can’t know about the twist otherwise you’d see the entire first season differently and it wouldn’t be half as suspenseful.

Everything about this series is brilliant. The acting, the direction, the writing, the cinematography. I definitely give this one an A+.





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