Well, we are literally blown away by this one.  It is totally fucking fierce.  It’s also one of their heaviest songs to date.  The verses are melodic in the way that the band’s earlier albums were, but the chorus is especially heavy and even has the guys singing — or, you could say, shouting — for a change.  There’s even a part where one of the guys sings death metal style.  To be honest, that part didn’t quite gel with us at first, but after a few listens it sounds perfectly at home there.  Ultimately, this tune is a wonderful, brutal, inspiring beast.

Lacuna Coil talk about the song:  “Through everyday battles, against all odds, we stand united and don’t look back. We go on against crashing economies, heartbreaks and lifelong obstacles. We learn from our mistakes and nothing can stop us. We fear nothing and we are determined as musicians and as human beings.”

“Nothing Stands In Our Way” is from the band’s new album, BROKEN CROWN HALO, which will be released on April 1, 2014 in North America (March 31 in Europe, Australia, New Zealand) on Century Media Records. For more info about the album, see our previous post HERE.  For info about their upcoming tour, see THIS POST.





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