As you can see and hear above, Father John Misty has covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”  But where Ryan Adams said he was covering Taylor in the key of The Smiths, Father John Misty has done Taylor in the key of The Velvet Underground, singer Lou Reed in particular.  And he sounds almost exactly like Lou Reed!  It’s probable that Father John is making fun of Ryan Adams with this, but it’s fantastic.  So, listen to it anyway, even if you’re a big Ryan Adams fan.  It’s irresistible.  Even if it’s a joke, I’ll still keep listening to it.

Father John also covered “Welcome To New York” in the same style, but both that and “Blank Space” were removed from Soundcloud.  No word yet about whether Father John chose to remove them or if Taylor Swift had them taken down.  All we can say for sure is that Ryan Adams couldn’t have made Soundcloud take them down since they are not his songs.  Of course, he might have whined to Taylor and asked her to take them down.  Who knows… Enjoy this one before You Tube takes it down.

Edited to add — “Welcome To New York” found!

Damn, Father John’s take on “Welcome To New York” is even better than his version of “Blank Space”!  Where “Blank Space” just sounded like Lou Reed covering Swift, “Welcome To New York” sounds like it’s actually The Velvet Underground — the whole band — performing it.  Brilliant!!!

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