Our thoughts and prayers are with Paris tonight.

I am especially saddened and upset by this news because I’ve been to Paris four times and truly feel as though my heart resides there.

The reason I went to Paris was often to see concerts.  Mylene Farmer at Bercy.  Vanessa Paradis and Raphael at the Olympia.  Kylie Minogue at Bercy.  I’m imagining myself at one of those concerts and thinking about how horrible it would have been if such an attack had happened.  The thought is just horrifying.  I am so, so sorry this is happening to the people of Paris.  They were always so kind to me, such nice people. This is just so disturbing.  I can’t find any more words to say…

-Michael McCarthy

For updates about Paris see: http://www.nytimes.com/live/paris-attacks-live-updates/

France flag, three dimensional render, satin texture






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