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Extensive Boston Calling coverage will be coming soon, but for now a few words…

Great food, fine adult beverages, good vibes from the friendly crowd and, yes, fantastic music; Friday night at Boston Calling’s May 2016 edition was spot on!  I hadn’t had that much fun since Boston Calling last September, no kidding.  So much fun.

Indeed, Friday night was a blast.  Lisa Hannigan was as lovely as she is on her studio recordings.  Beautiful, acoustic guitar based singer/songwriter music.  Sufjan Stevens was mind-blowingly good, too.  Dressed in neon and long garland, he and his band looked like they’d just stepped out of an ’80’s music video, but the sound and graphics on the big screen behind them were totally psychedelic.  It was quite the trip, to say the least.  Sia was excellent, but I was disappointed that she didn’t have a live band.  She just sang along to pre-recorded music.  This time she was facing the audience but had a wig with long hair covering her eyes (and nose).  She also had two dancers dancing in front of her, who were fantastic.  I believe one of them was that girl who’s been dancing for her for years now.  Her set list was great including newer songs like “Alive” and “Elastic Heart” with the occasional gem from her earlier career like “Breathe Me.”

I aggravated my bad back and shoulder there on Friday, having a grand ol’ time,  so I had to spend yesterday resting after a failed attempt to catch the 1pm train.  You see, I went to the train station but the ticker said the train would be 20 minutes late.  Then another 25.  Then an hour and 25 minutes!  And I was sitting outside in the sun, sweating terribly, as I am allergic to heat, and I was starting to get a bad itching attack.  So, being in so much pain and now having the heat allergy bothering me and not knowing when the train would come I just went home.  I had a ticket to Selena Gomez last night, which was purchased MONTHS before when I knew Boston Calling would be, so I was going to be leaving Boston Calling early anyway to go catch that show.  So, I just went home and cooled off and iced my back and shoulder and just went to see Selena Gomez last night once I was feeling better.  Today, however, I will be covering the whole day of Boston Calling.  Taking the 11AM train in to be there when it starts and will be there for the whole shebang.  (Well, I might have to leave before Disclosure is over so I don’t miss the last train back to Lowell at 11:30, but we’ll see.)  I am super psyched about seeing HAIM, Janelle Monae and Elle King!


I will have more extensive coverage of Friday night along with my coverage of today on Monday.  





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