We’ll be reviewing their EP, Quiet Confidence, soon.  It will be released on March 17th.  In the meantime, here’s what print magazines have been saying about them:

“Labels, terminology and clever references cease to matter when you’re dealing with music of this intelligence, heart and bizarrely refracted beauty” – DROWNED IN SOUND

“Music of such sumptuous beauty and clarify falls somewhere beyond words, somewhere beyond a list of nouns, adjectives” – CLASH

“Magical” – DUMMY

“Thankfully.. Ninetails suggest that a cerebrally bright future remains a possibility” – THE QUIETUS

“Extraordinary” – MARY ANNE HOBBS

“Bold colours and dreamworld reveries” – Q

“Eschewing pomp and bombast for sonic intricacy and melodic complexity” – GUARDIAN

“Abstraite, insaisissable, aux confins du sibyllin, cette musique pratique elle aussi le dialogue fertile avec le silence, mais aussi avec la dissonance, la luxuriance, dans un va-et-vient enchanté entre épure et abondance, esprit et corps.” – LES IN ROCKSPUTABLES

We apologize for the tiny font size.  That’s how it was in the press release and we couldn’t make it any bigger for some odd reason.

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