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I bought Skeletonwitch’s second album, Beyond The Permafrost, on a whim one day back in 2007 when I was browsing the metal section at Newbury Comics. I was intrigued by their logo, which looked like what a death metal band’s logo might look like if it was actually readable. Normally, most metal bands...
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I was curious to hear this 5 piece Los Angeles metal band after learning that they have two female lead vocalists. I figured their sound would have to be pretty unique, that the women would be singing in different styles. After all, what would be the point in having two singers if they...
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#albumoftheday STARKILL: FIRES OF LIFE

Fires of Life is the fist full-length album by the Chicago-based band Starkill, who previously self-released an E.P. in 2010 under the name Massakren. The band was formed in 2008 by Parker Jameson (lead guitar, vocals, keyboards, orchestral programming), Spencer Weidner (drums) and Charlie Federici (guitars). Bassist Mike Buetsch was added later, completing...
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