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I love it when artists and producers I love team up and this song is one such blessed union. It's the latest track by Laure Shang, who's famous in the Mando and Canto pop worlds but sings in English as much as Chinese, and it's produced by...
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Jolin Tsai is arguably the queen of Chinese pop, though I'd say that Elva Hsaio and Coco Lee are right behind her. In any case, she's a massive diva releasing one hit album after another for at least ten years now. Here, fresh, modern beats that...
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#songoftheday Stefanie Sun [孫燕姿]- Kepler [克卜勒]

Stefanie Sun's "Kepler" is a beautiful, mid-tempo C-Pop -- that's Cantonese pop -- ballad, which begins with mellow guitars. Guitars that initially sound acoustic, but then there's a bit of a twang there and it starts to sound like an American country ballad with electric slide guitar....
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Rainie Yang's new single/video, "Angel Wings." Lovely Chinese pop. The video is probably causing some controversy over there, too, as it shows two guys making out and two girls making out and really lingers on said making out and they're still pretty darn conservative over there. ...
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