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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: BANKS: GODDESS

One of the most interesting things about Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jillian Banks’ debut album, Goddess, is how decidedly *not* top 40 it is. Listening to her songs, you can’t help but think “if only.” If only the beats were more boisterous. If only the bass pulsated in a punchier way. If only the...
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VIDEO: BANKS – “Drowning”

Now this is a different sort of video from Banks. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We love her and think she's borderline flawless. We're hoping she'll have a big breakthrough single like Lorde did with "Royals" and get the larger audience that she...
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BANKS will release her debut album, Goddess, on September 9th.  Here’s the tracklist… Standard Edition Alibi Goddess Waiting Game Brain This Is What It Feels Like You Should Know Where I’m Coming From Stick F**k Em Only We Know Drowning Beggin for Thread Change Someone New Warm Water Deluxe Edition Under the Table...
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We've been in love with Banks for a while now. And she continues to be brilliant on this fantastic new song produced by Shlohmo. It's futuristic but also sounds like what we were calling electronica around the time Bjork released Homogenic. If you remember Olive,...
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#albumoftheday REVIEW: BANKS: LONDON

Jillian Banks is from and resides in Los Angeles, but her EP is entitled London. Why? I’m not sure. I tried to find out if she’s ever been to London when I was preparing to write this review but I couldn’t find mention of her ever going to London anywhere. But she wouldn’t...
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