We realize most of our American readers are either too full or too drunk to sit in front of their computer screens today, but we do have readers outside of the States and we’re sure they’d like a treat today, too.  So, we are bringing you the premiere of We Never Met’s lyric video for “Future Love,” which we can assure you is tastier than anything you’re going to hear on any other music site today, being that it’s flawless.  A sugary pop morsel, “Future Love” pairs the sultry vocals of London-based singer/songwriter Silke with seductive beats and buckets of purple glitter from Belgian Electronic Artist Peter Clasen.  If you’re looking for something sexy for your own personal Back To Mine compilation, look no further.

I must say, we need more slick, chilled out music like this.  When I listen to it, I feel like I’m stepping into a walk-in refrigerator on a hot summer’s day.  It just washes over you and makes you feel so darn nice.  That’s why I don’t mind postponing Thanksgiving dessert to write about it. This is grade A all around, people.  Grade A.



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