WORLD PREMIERE / #songoftheday: Equador – “Bones of Man”

Equador is a collaborative project between producer/musician Henry Binns from the acclaimed trip-hop/electronica outfit  Zero 7 and popular singer/songwriter Bo Bruce.  The two met while working on tracks for what would become Bo’s top 10 debut in 2013.  They immediately hit it off as writing partners and decided they would work together again soon and the result is their debut album as Equador.  Friends and fellow musicians hiatus and Jodi Milliner also contributed to most tracks.  “Bones of Man” was released as a double A-side single with the track “Blood” on July 1st.  Without any marketing, the video for “Blood” quickly racked up 18,000 plays on Youtube.  We are quite happy to premiere the video for “Bones of Man” accordingly.

I’ve been a fan of Zero 7 for something like 20 years now and I also loved Bo Bruce’s album, so I was quite excited when I first learned that they were working on an album together and I must say they’ve more than met my expectations.  “Bones of Man” is a perfect mix of organic percussion and an electronic soundscape that calls to mind the best of Zero 7’s trip hop music from the ’90’s with Bo’s modern singer/songwriter flare.  “It’s buried in the sand / The Bones of man,” she sings delicately in the mellow song that would seem to be about letting go.  It’s just perfect for chilling out, especially after a night of clubbing, or even meditating.  That said, the lush but subtle production is also quite stimulating.  Every time I listen to it, I notice sounds I didn’t “hear” before and I love songs like that.  So, whether you like trip-hop or just mellow music in general, you’re sure to fall in love with the “Bones of Man.”

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Uploaded on Jul 11, 2016

This is the official video for Bones of Man. Equador are HenryZero7 and Bo Bruce.

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    I’m Not Here

    Deliciously trippy! Can’t wait to hear the album! 🙂

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