Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner appears on the new Queens Of The Stone Age album and it would seem he was influenced by them from the sound of the new Monkeys’ song, “Do I Wanna Know?”  The guitars on the mid-tempo number sound ever so slightly QOTSA-ish and there’s no denying that the sludge-ish beat of the drums would’ve been right at home on the new QOTSA album.  And Turner’s vocals are more laid back here, very much in the vein of Queens frontman Josh Homme’s own vocals.  Turner even sounds slightly ambivalent as he sings lyrics like “we could be together, if you wanted to.”  It’s the same sort of apathy Homme is famous for.  To which I say, awesome.  It’s nice to hear the Monkeys doing something different, if only slightly.

To be entirely honest, I’m not sure if “Do I Wanna Know?” was recorded before or after Turner collaborated with QOTSA, but even if it was written and recorded prior to said collaboration I would still say that it sounds very QOTSA-ish in the ways I’ve described above.

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

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