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I loved The Mynabirds last album, Generals.  So, so good.  Delicious pop rock that made you think as much as it made you want to sing along.  And I suppose that’s exactly how I’d describe their new single, “Semantics.”  It’s super catchy and wicked smart.  I completely adore it.  And, the good news is that “Semantics” is not the only new song from The Mynabirds that you’ll be hearing this year.  The new album Lovers Know will be released on August 7th.

Oh, FYI, singer/songwriter Laura Burhenn actually is The Mynabirds, the same way Marina and The Diamonds is just Marina and Florence and the Machine is just Florence.  She just chooses to go by The Mynabirds instead of being Laura and The Mynabirds.  Get it?  Anyway, she toured as a member of The Postal Service in 2013 then she decided to take a year off to get “lost.”  Eventually, she found herself in Los Angeles with a suitcase full of songs and the chosen handful of those make up the new album, Lovers Know!

Read the Youtube info below for everything you could ever possibly want to know about “Semantics”…

Published on May 28, 2015

The Mynabirds – Semantics
from the album Lovers Know. Out – August 7, 2015!
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“Semantics” explores the complicated optics that color any long-term love. “Have you heard about Buddhist monks who meditated on polluted water molecules?” asks the Mynabirds’ Laura Burhenn. “The molecules changed from sad, brown amorphous things into beautiful geometric shapes that looked genuinely happy. That’s pretty much what this song is about. Long love is tough and it takes a lot of effort. It gets bent out of shape, and brown and a little amorphous over time. So in ‘Semantics’ I’m asking, “Does it matter what we call things, what we call ‘Us’? And yeah, it does. It can change everything. If we call love something beautiful, if we put the energy into it being that, we can transform into that.”

This video was made entirely using the myidol App. A Chinese artist friend of Laura’s (Ying Zhu) translated the Chinese subtitles into English, and it’s pretty amazing how much those words seem to fit the actual song lyrics…

-How much love can be repeated
-how much love can be repeated
-how many people are willing to wait
-learn to appreciate but you may not understand the love that once was there
-do you still have the courage to love
-been through the mountains, been through the sea
-the cry of the sea
-the sea is overflowing with love
-it cries till morning come
-write to me
-let it be the final promise
-tell me when you leave me
-what do you feel
-I adore you
-those pretty eyes
-your laughter even more attractive
-touching you gently
-the adorable face
-I adore you
-those pretty eyes
-go forward, go forward
-no one love single dogs
-all single dogs stand up
-all single dogs united
-who dare to show affection
-determined to destroy
-go forward go forward
-no one love single dogs
-all single dogs stand up
-this road to life
-filled with sweet dreams
-filled with snow and fog
-the wind dries our faces
-different colors of firework
-open sky vast sea
-the laughter even more attractive
-I wish again and again
-to touch you gently
-how much love
-lonely desert
-the blossom of nakedness
-cry of the sea
-it cries till morning come
-write to me
-let it be the last promise
-single dogs
-no one love single dogs
-all single dogs stand up
-all single dogs united
-who dare to show affection
-determined to destroy
-go forward go forward

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