You’re probably thinking that Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” is one of those magical songs that should never, ever be covered by anyone.  That’s what I thought, too.  Then we were approached about premiering the video for 14 year old Jack Rose’s version.  We often pass on these things because we’re not going to premiere something we think is rubbish.  To that end, I fully expected to pass on Jack’s Snow Patrol cover when I clicked play to check out this video.  But, as you can see, it pleasantly surprised me.  There’s something very appealing about Jack’s moody take on it; it’s haunting.  Of course, so was the original, and Jack’s version isn’t superior to it — could any cover be? — but I must say that it’s equally mesmerizing.  Something about it immediately got under my skin, but in a good way.  Sometimes you want to hear an ethereal voice like Jack’s sing something so beautiful that it can give you chills and this is one of those remarkable songs.  No wonder Jack has gotten 26,000 Twitter followers since the video for his debut single, “Lost,” was released just four months ago without any promotion.

“Chasing Cars” was produced just right by Kevin Energy Thorpe from Big Jam Studios in Kent, where Jack now resides, and can be pre-ordered on iTunes in the UK:

The video was directed by Mark J. Blackman and produced by Inspiration Films.  Jack stars alongside acclaimed television actress Rosie Day as well as Ceejay Sergeant, Michelle Archer and Graham Fletcher-Cook.  Jack has also acted with Simon Thomas (Phantom Of The Opera), Aaron Sidwell and Vicky AlCock (Eastenders).  Additionally, he is a radio presenter and hosts the UK Top 30 Countdown Show on the internet radio station Hit Mix UK each Sunday between 7 and 9pm.


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