Well, this one is interesting, being that it’s a straightforward pop song during the verses but then it relies on dubstep “wub wub” during the chorus.  But is it catchy?  Yes.  It’s not immediately infectious, but it’s definitely a grower.  And the lyrics are inspiring.  But perhaps a little too inspiring.  Part of the sales will be going to the “hope and grace initiative,” which is charitable and all, but it tends to feel like the only reason this song was written was to be a charity theme song.  And maybe it was, as it’s described as an “inspirational song written to empower women and lift the stigma that surrounds mental health.”  It’s like she couldn’t pick just one cause, she had to write it generic enough to apply to two.  Don’t get us wrong — we do like this song, we just wish the lyrics weren’t so vague.  Fortunately, the post-it notes in the video are more specific, somehow giving the song a little more depth than one might otherwise perceive it to have.

Youtube info:

▶ Natasha Bedingfield - Hope - YouTube

Published on Jan 14, 2015

20% of the iTunes sale of the song “hope” will benefit the hope and grace initiative, an unending commitment by wellbeing beauty brand philosophy to support community-based mental health organizations. Penned by Natasha and a writing team made up of Matt Robinson, David Saw and Ryan Freeman, “hope” is a soulful and inspirational song written to empower women and lift the stigma that surrounds mental health






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