VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Mighty Mark ft. TT The Artist and Sushi Samson – “Ping Pong”

If you like M.I.A. then you’ll more than likely dig “Ping Pong,” this hot new tune by Mighty Mark featuring TT The Artist and Sushi Samson, “Ping Pong.”  Lyrically, it certainly doesn’t break new ground; “Big booty, shake it, shake it.”  And if you’re stick of twerking then you probably shouldn’t pay much attention to the video.  But it’s a fun song that could very well become a global hit.  Very in tune with what’s doing well in Europe these days.  Quite the earworm, too.  Listen once, hear it in your head all day.

Youtube info:

Published on Jul 24, 2014

Official Music Video for Ping Pong from Mighty Mark’s Mighty Ep featuring TT The Artist and Sushi Samson.

Mighty Ep Out Now via Moveltraxx


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