Bright Light Bright Light continues to be one of pop music’s best kept secrets with his new single, “I Believe,” which is very much in the vein of the dance pop songs currently ruling the radio.  If someone told you this was produced by Zedd, we’ve little doubt that you’d believe them.  From its radiant synth to its propulsive beats, this song can pull even those lame guys who say “I don’t dance” out onto the floor.  At least if there’s any hope for them.  And hope is what “I Believe” really inspires, lovable love song that it is.

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Published on Jul 4, 2014

‘I Believe’ by Bright Light Bright Light

Buy on iTunes now! http://smarturl.it/blbelieve

Taken from the album ‘Life Is Easy’

Written & Produced by Rod Thomas & The Invisible Men


Co-Directed by Andrew Ellmaker and Blake Martin
Producers: Jonathan Dee and Alexandra Weichert
Cinematographer: Andrew Ellmaker
Gaffer: Lee Stratford
Choreographer: Josh Weidenmiller
Dancers: Melanie Comeau, John Harnage, Joey Kipp, Frank Lombardi, Natalie Mackessy, Reed Tankersley

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