Team Spirit – “Teenage Heart”

…And now for an inspired, up-tempo indie rock tune that proclaims, “I still suffer from a teenage heart,” something most of us can relate to here at Love is Pop.  It’s an easy-breezy song that’s ripe as a sweet peach for summertime joyrides.  The sort of song that makes you wish you had a convertible and a thousand dollar car stereo so you could drive around blasting it for your neighbors while feeling alive.  So, sink your teeth into this peach and let its juice flow down your cheeks and don’t give a damn if anybody notices.


Team Spirit’s debut Killing Time LP is due for release on September 30th via Vice / Warner Bros.


Here’s their official bio from their publicist:


More than just a frontman, Ayad Al-Adhammy plays the team captain. Literally shredding his way to guitar-hero status, the soul of Team Spirit is all about epic hooks, killer solos, crunchy licks, and home-town heroics. In a past life Ayad was the keyboard wiz behind Passion Pit’s gushy synths until one day, rediscovering his first love, that six-string siren, he rallied like a frantic pep-squad and rocketed last years Self Titled Team Spirit EP into the finals for the comeback-kids and punk rock parking lot tailgaters everywhere.

Calling upon teammates Kieren Smith (guitar, vocals, running back), Dan De Lara (bass, vocals, tackle), and Alex Russek (drums, fullback), Team Spirit are in position to slam-dunk their debut LP, Killing Time, dropping this fall. Standing on the shoulders of guitar greats like Chuck Berry and the Exploding Hearts, Team Spirit’s first full length is a lean, mean, shredding machine that will surely make September 30th when it comes out on VICE / Warner Bros Records a day to remember.

High on adrenaline and taking cues from the legends of pop guitar, Team Spirit run the gamut of introspective emotion and self-reflective rebellion, to teenage obsession and exuberant all-out high-school keggers. Team Spirit burst onto the field pom-pons waving; sound-tracking that bottom-of-the-ninth-full-count-last-ditch-all-or-nothing-no-guts-no-glory god-damn rock and roll and the end result is a sweat-soaked victory lap.


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Published on Jul 22, 2014

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Team Spirit – “Fuck the Beach” (Official Video):


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Directed + Edited by Dorian Tocker
Starring Ayad Al Adhamy, Lady Alchemy, Alexandria Spencer, and Team Spirit
Produced by Harry Joseph
Director of Photography Peter Steusloff
Production Designer Emma Rose Mead
Hair & Makeup/Wardrobe Andrea Gilletti
1st Assistant Director Allison Egdahl
Gaffer Chelsea Soby
Key Grip Ethan June
1st AC Aaron Snow
2nd Assistant Director Izzy Cohan
Art PA Alec Spitz
Art PA Tara McHugh
PA Oliver Benezra
PA Erik Munzert
Thanks to Dmitriy Karfagenskiy, Barrie Potter, and Jacob Farber

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