#songoftheday / #amlistening X3: Laure Shang: “That Bra,” Enuff Z’Nuff: “Where Did You Go,” Kat Cunning: “Stay on the Line”

First off, Laure Shang, one of our favorite artists to come out of China during recent years, has finally delivered a stylish music video for “That Bra,” one of her catchy singles from early this year.  But if you don’t like music that’s not in English, fear not, this highly addictive track is in English.  (Laure sings in English almost as often as in Chinese.  She sings in both Mandarin and Cantonese, so far as Chinese goes.  She also sings in French from time to time.)  If you like pop songs with a ton of bass, you’re going to sink your teeth into this.  Now, when is Laure finally going to release her new album?  If you know, do tell!

Kat Cunning just unveiled her new single, “Stay on the Line,” today and we can’t get enough of it.  The baroque element she usually injects her songs with is seemingly absent from this one, but it’s still a delightful art pop number plenty worthy of your attention.  Trust us, you might have to listen to it a few times to totally fall for it, but it’s one hell of an earworm if you give it a chance.  Also, today it was officially announced that Kat will have a recurring role in the upcoming season of HBO’s The Deuce (w/ James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc.)!

Here’s the second song to be unveiled from Enuff Z’Nuff’s forthcoming album Diamond Boy.  It’s called “Where Did You Go” and it would’ve been at home on their Animals With Human Intelligence album.  While it wasn’t produced by Ritchie Zito, it certainly has the sound he gave the band on the tunes he produced on that record.  Melodic yet heavy, yes, yes, yes.  The best heavy metal song we’ve heard recently!  If you had any doubt about whether or not the band should continue without the great Donnie Vie, this one should convince you that Chip and the new guys can still deliver that classic Enuff Z’Nuff sound, but with a shiny new spin on it.


7 responses to “#songoftheday / #amlistening X3: Laure Shang: “That Bra,” Enuff Z’Nuff: “Where Did You Go,” Kat Cunning: “Stay on the Line””

  1. AmosNotFamous Avatar

    I love that you include Enuff Z’Nuff + other bands of their ilk on your site. Yours is the only site I know of that includes them with artists of all types. Good on you, mate.

  2. Anson Avatar

    Music videos for Laure’s singles “I Love You”” and “Loser Who” have been released. Her new singles of the new album “Will you”, “King of stupidity ” and “Loser who” can also be listened.

    1. Paris365 Avatar

      Thanks for letting me know. Any idea when the new album will come out?

      1. Anson Avatar

        LS5, The Puzzle Pieces, has been released today. 9 english songs and 1 mixed version of the one that ran away in French. Soooooooo Better then her last album LS4 (BLACK&GOLDEN ). Cannot wait for ur comment.

        1. Paris365 Avatar

          Where can I find it? I could not find it on Spotify and don’t know where else to look.

          1. Anson Avatar

            This time, Laure changes her name as The Mosaïc and new album The Puzzle Pieces is on itunes and Spotify now!

          2. Paris365 Avatar

            I just searched for her new name and the album title on U.S. Spotify and it’s not there. Unfortunately, Spotify gives you the country that your billing address is in so even when I use a VPN, it still only gives me access to Spotify U.S.

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