#songoftheday X 2: VEYU: “THE EVERLASTING” / “RUNNING”

Hailing from Liverpool, VEYU’s debut double A-side, “The Everlasting” b/w “Running,” is one promising debut…
“The Everlasting” is a perfect blend of Depeche Mode’s almost-but-not-quite industrial vibe and New Order’s knack for enchanting melodies.  Interestingly, the track opens with loops of sounds recorded in industrial spaces, including metal pipes chiming on floors and the cracking of wood.  But once the guitars start playing it proves to be more Manic Street Preachers than Nine Inch Nails, said guitars delivering a warm melody that walks the fine line between rock and pop perfectly, like a man walking across a tightrope who’ll fall to his death if he stumbles.  They make it sound easy, but you know it must have required perfect concentration.   And the vocal melody is like a soothing opiate swirling through your head; it might as well be liquid Vicodin.  In other words, “The Everlasting” is blissful and intoxicating. It also happens to be one of the most infectious tunes we’ve heard so far this year.
Beautiful but borderline bleak, “Running” delivers a potent dose of melancholy that reveals VEYU to be quite the skillful songwriters.  “It’s getting hard to keep on running,” ends the swelling chorus before a glimmering splash of neon synth shines so brightly it almost hurts.  The vocal melody might be dark and gloomy, but the synth is like yellow paint on a blackened canvas, commanding your attention and ensuring you don’t look away.  It’s the sort of song that’s best listened to while you’re drifting off to sleep at night or lying in a bath surrounded by candles, reading Virginia Woolf or Sylvia Plath or a guilty pleasure romance novel.
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