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Alexz Johnson might have gotten her start as the star of Instant Star, a cheesy show if ever there was one, but she’s since emerged as a fantastic pop singer/songwriter and “Cologne” is a fine example of that.  It’s a sexy number about a woman and her man playing the game of love.  First they go out, him in his tuxedo and cologne, and then they go home together.  But it’s not that simple.   “I bet we look good in a photo / They wouldn’t know that you’re so much older,”  she sings, telling the story of a young woman who’s taken advantage of an older man, a young woman who’ll never be that naive again.  The irony is that Johnson is telling a story about a young woman yet the song is very mature sounding, the lyrics clearly the work of someone who’s wise beyond her years.  Perhaps the song is autobiographical and the experience made her grow up too soon?  Either way, it’s a song that lingers in your head long after you’ve listened to it and that has more to do with the insightful if slightly disturbing lyrics than how catchy it is.

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▶ Alexz Johnson - Cologne - YouTube

Uploaded on Jan 30, 2015

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Video by Breezy Baldwin Written by Alexz Johnson, Brendan James Johnson Produced and Programmed by Brendan James Johnson Copyright 2014 Laydee Spencer Music Inc.






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