To my ears, Yellowcard’s “Crash The Gates” sounds more like a recent Fall Out Boy song than a Yellowcard song.  But, hey, I happen to love Fall Out Boy’s two newest albums.  Suffice to say I can totally dig the energy here and the crunchy guitars are delicious.  I’m not sure what the point to all the NHL footage is, and I don’t like it when they turn the volume down on the song so you can hear the hockey players fighting, but it’s a good song in spite of all that.  Better than at least half the stuff currently on rock radio, that’s for sure.

Youtube info:

▶ Yellowcard - Crash The Gates (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Published on Jan 26, 2015

Yellowcard video for "Crash The Gates" with footage of the NHL's hardest hits. From the album Lift A Sail. Download at iTunes now: http://geni.us/yellowcard Yellowcard Merch: http://store.bandmerch.com/yellowcard/ http://yellowcard.merchnow.com/



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