#songoftheday / VIDEO: We The Kings – “THAT FEELING”

We The Kings have always been a rock band that leaned heavily in the pop direction.  With this song, they take the leap and do straightforward pop.  There are even parts of this song that remind us of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”  At first we weren’t crazy about this one but it pleasantly surprised us when we watched this video this morning.  Perhaps the video lends the song more depth than it otherwise had.  Regardless, it is a solid pop song and if catchy is your thing you’re bound to be pleased.

Youtube info:

▶ We The Kings – THAT FEELING (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Published on Jan 15, 2015

** Download THAT FEELING: http://hyperurl.co/that-feeling **

As you know our lead singer, Travis, got married recently….sorry ladies! His wife Jenny surprised him with a music video for a song that he wrote about her. HUGE thanks to Lindsey Rosenburg for making this video come to life. Also, thanks to Brandon Slotter, Tom Suess, Laci Havens and Thomas James.

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