#songoftheday / VIDEO: Vision the Kid & Tru – “Somewhere in a Dark City” ft. Ben Burwell

We love dark hip-hop around here.  Especially the melancholic stuff.  And “Somewhere in a Dark City” by Vision the Kid and Tru featuring Ben Burwell is oozing with melancholy.  We must admit that we weren’t familiar with any of these artists prior to this video, but we’re quite glad that we’re finally in the know.  From the slick rapping to the soulful chorus, the latter of which is Burwell’s contribution, everything about this track is perfect.  And check out their other new video, “Devil,” for punchier, infectious beats and darker lyrics…

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▶ Vision the Kid & Tru – “Somewhere in a Dark City”  ft. Ben Burwell – YouTube

Published on Sep 7, 2014


Colin Kopp – Director / Producer
Jordan Sandvig – Producer
Soupanya Chomsisengphet – Executive Producer
Josh Becker – DP/ Post
Nate Campion – Assistant Camera
Zach Pirolli – Gaffer
Jay Austin – Art Director
Jack Pangborn – Grip / Production Assistant
Julia Barnett – Production Assistant
Will Hagens – Production Assistant
Andrew Witkins – Production Assistant

Performances by Jordan Sandvig and Ben Burwell
Aaron Dinnenn – Driver
CJ Klein – Skater
Jake Pavek – Skater

Special Thanks:
Patrick Fox
Rod Komis
Frost 180
Angie and Aaron Dinnenn

Copyright Be Easy Music. All rights reserved.

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