“Oh, baby, baby…” never sounded so sweet as it does on Tove Styrke’s luscious cover of  Britney Spears’ very first single, “…Baby, One More Time,” which Tove has given a new bass groove, equal parts funky and electro.  The basic construction and tempo of the original song are still there; for the most part, Tove has simply added to it.  Tweaked it, if you will.  Enhanced it.

We always feel like the best covers are those that reinvent the song.  If you’re just going to make it the same, why even bother to cover it?  It’s just glorified karaoke in those instances.  You might as well just record yourself singing over an instrumental of the original song. If you’re going to do a cover, we at Love is Pop feel like you should put your own stamp on it, give it a new twist.  Which is exactly what Tove has done here, ripening up the fruit to sweet perfection.  Tasty!

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Published on Jul 24, 2015


Director/D.O.P/Edit: Rikkard Häggbom (Bror Bror)
Recorded mixed and produced by Johan T Karlsson

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