WARNING: This video features lots of STROBE LIGHT style flashing, so you definitely shouldn’t watch it if you have a seizure disorder or any sort of issues triggered by strobe lights.

Röyksopp deliver breath-taking electronica once again with their throbbing new single “Skulls,” which is from their glorious final album, The Inevitable End.  That said, the duo plans to continue releasing music.  Just not in the album format.  Which we think is rather sad because they’ve always made albums that truly felt like albums, each song connected to the next as though they were interwoven.  They’ve had occasional tracks stick out for their insane catchiness, like “The Girl and the Robot” with Robyn, but those were almost what we’d call happy accidents.  It’s never felt like the duo were reaching for hits; they just happened to write a few songs that became hits.  Fortunately, The Inevitable End is a two CD set full of great cuts to keep us busy for at least the next year.  Getting back to “Skulls,” it’s something of a darkwave  masterpiece with its chilling synth and uber-heavy beats.  It’s a good thing the video is in black and white because we really couldn’t picture it otherwise.  Then again, we couldn’t have possibly predicted what a creepy video it would have.  It’s basically as dark as most black metal videos, the duo and an eclectic group of characters doing black magic in a house in the woods.  It very much feels like an extended trailer for a movie and if it was a movie it would be the scariest movie of the year.  As it is, it’s certainly the scariest music video of the year.

Youtube info:

▶ Röyksopp - Skulls (Official video) - YouTube

Published on Dec 1, 2014

‘Skulls’ was the first track taken from the album 'The Inevitable End', a song that comes with an invitation and a stark warning, set amongst squelchy bass lines and filtered synths.

Norwegian director and long time collaborator Stian Andersen made the haunting black and white film that accompanies the song. It follows the ominous journey of Svein and Torbjørn with friends and 83 year-old Adolf into dark woods and dark places. Get 'Skulls' on 'The Inevitable End' here: http://royksopp.com/music/the-inevita... Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/ryxptie12?IQid=you... CD: http://smarturl.it/ryxptiecd?IQid=you... Download: http://smarturl.it/ryxptieit?IQid=you... Stream: http://smarturl.it/tiestream?IQid=you... Credits Director: Stian Andersen & Röyksopp DOP: Stian Andersen Producer: Mads Hoel Edit: Erik Treimann Grading: Haavard Albertsen, Hocus Focus. Styling: Johanne Gjøstein & Stian Andersen Make up: Hanne Christophersen & Trude Mokkelbost Laukli Production assistants: Jokke Ono, Jon Didrik Reiss Jacobsen, Niclas Selinamm, Simen Normann Art sculpures: Erik Tidemannn Edit assistant: Jørgen thorkildsen


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