Oh, Robbie Williams, you never disappoint us… Whether you’re delivering hard rock hooks or fine pop ballads, or even the occasional hip-hop number, you never fail to come up with clever lyrics and it’s extremely rare that you release a song without a memorable chorus.  In our opinion, you’re like the Elvis of our generation.  Only, in some ways, better, since you actually write or co-write your songs and you don’t make awful, cheesy movies.  “Love is You” is one of your finest ballads to date with its somber lyrics and sweet melody.  It just goes to show how talented you are, not just because it’s a terrific song but because it was an out-take that’s only now been released on a collection of previously unreleased songs — Under The Radar Volume 1 — that failed to make it onto the albums they were intended for.  That such a moving ballad could wind up on the cutting room floor just proves that you’re a genius — even your out-takes are brilliant.  Cheers, mate.

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Published on Jan 14, 2015

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