#songoftheday / VIDEO: NS Yoon-G (NS 윤지) – Yasisi (야시시)

Super slick, K-Pop beats and lots of “sexy” lyrics — read the English translation if you don’t believe us — make for a super steamy, irresistible number with this new single from K-Pop superstar NS Yoon-G, who sings it in a sultry manner but never to a point that it sounds ridiculous.  An uber-catchy tune all around that’s sure to please any self-respecting K-Pop fan.  And if you’ve never checked out K-Pop before — perhaps you thought it was too “PG” rated — then this would be a perfect place to start.

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Published on Apr 10, 2014

[MV] NS Yoon-G(NS 윤지) _ Yasisi(야시시) (Original ver.)

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Sexy, charisma, cute! The only female solo artist who does wonders in every concept perfectly! NS Yoon-Ji is back with her mini album ‘The way 2’ which is done by the best team ever.

Title song ‘Yasisi’ is a retro tango song with hip-hop rhythm that incorporates Latin guitar and droopy piano sounds with NS Yoon-Ji’s unique sexy vocals, building up some sexual feeling of tension. The chorus really shows NS Yoon-Ji’s distinct individuality through the mysterious mood of the song just like its title ‘Yasisi’ when the brass and strong hip-hop rhythm reaches its climax.

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セクシー、カリスマ、キュートまで!すべてのコンセプトを完全に消化することができる­唯一の女性ソロ歌手!NSユンジが、最高のチームが作り上げたミニアルバム『The way2』で帰ってきた。


섹시, 카리스마, 큐트까지! 모든 컨셉을 완벽히 소화해낼 수 있는 유일한 여성 솔로 가수! NS윤지가 최고의 팀이 만들어낸 미니앨범 ‘The way 2..’로 돌아왔다.

타이틀곡 ‘야시시’는 레트로한 탱고에 힙합리듬이 가미된 곡으로써 라틴풍의 기타와 늘어지는 듯한 피아노, 그리고 NS윤지만의 섹시한 보컬이 어우러져 야릇한 긴장감을 만들어낸다.
특히 후렴부분에 터질듯한 브라스와 강렬해지는 힙합리듬의 조화가 정점을 이루며 ‘야시시’라는 곡명처럼 야릇하면서도 오묘한 분위기가 타 걸그룹과의 차별성을 나타내며 NS윤지만의 개성을 잘 표현 해주는 곡이다.






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