“We are broken, but we’re fucking beautiful,” sings Neon Hitch on her hot new single “Freedom.” It sounds like something Katy Perry would sing — she dropped the F bomb multiple times during “Circle The Drain” on Teenage Dream — but we’re just fine with Neon Hitch singing it because, well, it’s brilliant.  Honestly, Neon Hitch could sing the National Anthem and we’d buy it.  Hell, she could sing the Canadian National Anthem and we’d buy it.  Because we know she’d put her own spin on it.  She never does covers that sound like a carbon copy of the original song. But she rarely does covers because she’s one of today’s top pop singer/songwriters and a true artist, one we’ve been paying attention to for a while and we’re highly looking forward to her forthcoming debut album Eleutheromaniac. Don’t be surprised if she becomes an in demand songwriter like Sia at some point during the next few years.

Youtube info:

▶ Neon Hitch - FREEDOM - YouTube

Published on Jan 23, 2015

#WeRNeon presents the full length version of Neon Hitch's "Freedom" and the travels of WeRNeon. Join the #WeRNeon freedom movement now! http://WeRNeon.com. From the upcoming debut album Eleutheromaniac.

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