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“Someone sucked the life out of the room / When that someone said goodbye much too soon,” begins Nate Ruess’ lovely new ballad, “What This World Is Coming To.”  And that pretty much sums up the song right there: the classic tale of boy meets girl and they fall in love and then she leaves him.  I’m not sure if she broke up with him or if she died though, and I think the song is meant to make you ponder that.  Sometimes the best ballads are those that can be accessed for different reasons.  If someone dumped you, listen to this song.  If someone you love died, listen to this song.  You get the idea.  In any case, it’s a beautiful song and Beck contributed to it, so there you go…

UPDATE: Here’s an e-mail from Nate that explains the collaboration with Beck and reveals the tracklist for his new album…

I’ve Got A New Grand Ro Song For You

Back in November, when we were recording Grand Ro, I was working on a song called “You Light My Fire” and thought it’d be the perfect song to ask Beck to lay some “Mightnight Vultures” style vocals to. Fortunately he agreed to collaborate, but our timing to meet up was a little off. About a week after the Grammys, we were able to reconnect, but at that point I’d started writing a song called “What this World Is Coming To” (in the shower- a reoccurring theme on this album) that seemed like a perfect song to do as a duet. Having already done JGMAR with Pink, I really wanted to duet, and I thought Beck’s lowish voice would be a nice contrast to mine. Fortunately he really took to the idea, and the song- and it’s one of my absolute favorites because of everything he brought to it. Side note- listen to the guitar solo- sometimes as a reference point, I’ll turn up the distortion on my voice, and sing a placeholder guitar solo that I have in mind. Beck seemed to have liked it enough to play the same part on guitar, so it brings the meaning of duet to a whole new level. Hope you can hear me emulating a guitar by singing “meow.”

Listen to “What The World Is Coming To” now on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify, or download it on iTunes. Those of you who pre-ordered Grand Romantic from the web store should have an MP3 of the song waiting your inbox right now. Hit me back if you didn’t and we’ll get it all sorted out.

Speaking of pre-orders, pre-order Grand Romantic on iTunes (for only $7.99) and you’ll instantly get “What The World Is Coming To” along with three other songs from the album. Then the full album will be automatically delivered to you on release day (June 16th). Magic I say, internet magic.

Anyone who’s been following my interviews lately may have heard that I’ve been working on the album until the last possible second which is why we haven’t posted the track listing anywhere. It’s finally done (<3!!!!!!), delivered and I can now say that this is the track listing:

01. Grand Romantic (Intro)
02. AhHa
03. Nothing Without Love
04. Take It Back
05. You Light My Fire
06. What This World Is Coming To (Feat. Beck)
07. Great Big Storm
08. Moment
09. It Only Gets Much Worse
10. Grand Romantic
11. Harsh Light
12. Brightside

If you get the CD and start thinking “wait a second, Brightside sounds a lot like Harsh Light,” you aren’t crazy. I was working on the album so late that one of the songs, “Harsh Light,” won’t even be listed on the first printing of the CD art.

A Beatles 7″ sold for $19,000 on Ebay in 2012 because it listed the songwriters as “Lennon-McArtney” instead of “Lennon-McCartney” so maybe your 1st pressing Grand Romantic CD will be the first step in starting a college fund for your grandkids? Or not.

Alright, it’s time to go and wander around Hamburg for a few hours. I’ll see some of you tonight and look forward to seeing the rest of you very soon.



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Published on May 31, 2015

Nate Ruess’s official lyric video for ‘What This World Is Coming To ft. Beck’ from the new album Grand Romantic – available June 16, 2015 on Fueled By Ramen.

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