#songoftheday / VIDEO: Monster High: “Sweet California”

“Sweet California” by Spanish girl group Monster High might be cheesy, bubblegum pop, but it’s also very well-produced and ridiculously catchy with hooks galore.  How quickly it will lose its flavor depends on the listener, but we have a feeling we’ll be playing it quite a bit here at Love is Pop HQ.  It’s also the perfect time of year for it, since there’s a dash of Halloween thrown in here, though not quite as much as you might expect from a group called Monster High.   Give it a listen and dare yourself not to listen to it again.  But be prepared to fail that dare.

Youtube info:

▶ Somos Monster High con Sweet California Videoclip Oficial - YouTube

Published on Oct 13, 2014

No te pierdas el monstruo-clip más electrizante de la temporada: Somos Monster High con Sweet California. ¡Se te pondrán los pelos de punta!



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