#songoftheday / VIDEO: mew: “The Night Believer” (Feat. Frengers)

Mew are my favorite proggy band.  When I hear most prog, it seems like it’s more about being technically proficient and showing off your skills with your instruments than writing actually inspired songs.  Instead of writing a heartfelt song and making it epic and allowing room for some soloing, you just write the odd music and think up some lyrics and a generic melody later…  I realize this isn’t the case with all prog artists.  Muse write fantastic songs and still experiment in a real prog way, often reminding me of Queen.  But so much of prog just fails to do anything for me emotionally and it tends to be inaccessible.  mew, however, never fail to tug at my heart-strings.  They can be weird and come up with long instrumental parts but those parts feel necessary to move the narrative of the songs forward, not like they’re there so someone can do a six minute, self-indulgent bass solo.

So, yes, I love mew.  And sugary sweet song “The Night Believer” is one of their songs that isn’t particularly proggy at all, so you should adore it even if you generally dislike prog more than me.  Give it a listen — it’s even kind of silly and might just make you smile.

Youtube info:

Published on Jun 11, 2015

1.000 fans from all over the world took part in this music video experiment together with Mew. ‘The Night believer feat. Frengers’ is a collaboration between Mew and their fans.

Find out more about the project www.mew365.com

Lyrics: Mew
Director: William Reynish
Producer: Thomas Veyssiére Gram
DoP: Sine Vadstrup Brooker
Producer Assistant: Nicoline Edinger
Styling & Makeup: Sabrina Tronbakken Næsborg
Design: Marie Boye Thomsen
Concept: Mew and Volume






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