#songoftheday / VIDEO: Marie Digby: “KINGS & QUEENS”

“We could be kings and Queens / We could have it all / We could build walls to stop the cannonballs,” sings Marie Digby during the chorus of her marvelous new tune “Kings and Queens” from her forthcoming EP Chimera.  And we sincerely hope she releases the full EP soon because we are dying to hear it and this wait is driving us crazy!  Seriously though, when a tune is this beautiful and mesmerizing you can’t help but want more, right?  And we just want to be able to sit back and bathe in the EP in its entirety, just as one would enjoy hearing an album from start to finish.  In any case, “Kings and Queens” is highly enjoyable even taken on its own here,  what with its gorgeous video, charming vocals and all that jazz.  So, don’t wait for the EP.  Check out this gem of a song tout de suite (that’s French for immediately)!  Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself wanting the full EP already.

Youtube info:

Published on Oct 27, 2014

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Music video directed by Josh Madson
Creative director – Leah Chun
Director of Photography – Chris Saul






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