#songoftheday / VIDEO: Lynch Mob – “Automatic Fix”


“This is my rock ‘n’ roll / I hear it calling out to me,” sings Oni Logan, bursting with contagious pride,  during the chorus of Lynch Mob’s killer first single from their upcoming album to be released later this year.  And, damn, this song fucking rocks.  In other words, this is not half-assed bullshit.  It’s the real deal.  Grade A heavy metal.

Yes, this is old school heavy metal.  

You’d might call Lynch Mob a hair band and laugh, but that’s fine with us, so long as you respect our prerogative to cover the genre.  It’s the primary music I grew up listening to and some of my favorite artists have reunited and put out some great albums recently, something I’m going to write a feature about in the not so distant future.  In the meantime, I would ask haters to listen to this a few times and tell me it doesn’t grow on them.  And if you’re digging it, feel free to tell us that, too.

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Published on Jun 10, 2015

Production Company: Smoking Gun Inc
Director: Sebastian Paquet
Producer: Jamie Brown
Director of Photography: Sebastian Paquet
Editor: Jamie Brown

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