#songoftheday / VIDEO: LANA DEL REY: “HONEYMOON”

Yes, it’s true — Lana Del Rey has posted her brand new song, “Honeymoon,” on Youtube.  It’s presumably from her next album (rumor has it, it’s the title track), and it’s fabulous!  Everyone had been saying that her next album would be like Born To Die Volume 2, that it was supposed to be full of hip-hop beats like her debut, but there are no hip-hop beats here.  Quite the opposite, there aren’t any beats at all!  It’s a gorgeous piano ballad with flourishes of strings that split the difference between pretty and eerie.  It would have been a nice closing track for Ultraviolence.  

Perhaps this version of “Honeymoon” is a stripped down, acoustic version and there’s a version with beats that will appear on her new album.  It’s not difficult to imagine slow and sticky trip-hop beats — a la Massive Attack or Tricky — accompanying it.

The “Honeymoon” video begins with some footage of Lana lying on the ground with bare feet then pans to a highway before the screen turns to white noise — although we only see it, not hear it — then the lyrics appear.  But it’s not an animated video where the lyrics appear on the screen as they’re sung.  Instead, a simple lyric sheet appears and the screen just stays like that for the remainder of the video.  Which gives us all the more reason to suspect that this is an alternate version of “Honeymoon” because if her label was really releasing an official video for the song and promoting it as a single then surely they would have spent the money to make it a proper lyric video.  Oh well, who really cares about how the lyrics are presented?  All we care about is whether or not the song is any good and we definitely love, love, love this one.

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Published on Jul 14, 2015






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