Well, it would seem that Kylie is releasing a stealth (read: surprise) single, as her camp has posted this video for a brand new song called “Crystallize” today…  People who don’t have her latest album, Kiss Me Once, might think it’s just the latest single from that record, but that would be incorrect.  It’s not on Kiss Me Once at all.  Not even as a bonus track.  It is, again, a surprise.  Like when she released “Skirt” and “Timebomb.”  Although they might have announced that those were coming before their release.  We don’t remember.  All we know is that we’re loving “Crystallize.”  It’s actually one of her best songs ever in our never humble opinion.  From its pretty piano to its bubbly beats to the glimmering synth, everything about it is perfect.  It’s like a cross between “I Believe In You” and “Timebomb,” other songs that rank very high on our proverbial list of the best Kylie songs.  And, of course, her vocals here are hugely impressive, too.  Even if you’re just a casual Kylie fan, you ought to check this out.  Just be prepared to fall in love.  Oh, and it might make you start dancing, too.




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