#songoftheday / VIDEO: Kimbra – “90s Music” (DJ Shadow Remix)

DJ Shadow has been one of our favorite electronic artists for decades now.  He never fails to be wildly imaginative, letting his thoughts and loops take him in new directions at every turn.  And that’s precisely what he’s done here with his highly invigorating remix of Kimbra’s “90’s Music.”  Slamming beats, throbbing bass, jangly percussion — the song goes through many phases, constantly morphing into something else.  It does still follow a verse chorus verse structure but there’s a lot more happening during the verses and the chorus is 1000x more lively than it is on the original version of the song, which was perhaps a bit too laid back for its own good, the more we thinking about it.  In any case, the Love is Pop staff love Kimbra and we love DJ Shadow so we’re considering this one nothing short of a match made in heaven.


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Published on Sep 4, 2014

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Shadow and Salva have delivered Kimbra to the club on this rework of the singer’s “90s Music.” Pump up your Pumps, pump up your stereos and pump up this jam.

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