#songoftheday / VIDEO: Green Buzzard – “Hollywood” (Tobias Jesso Jr Cover)

I love it when artists do covers and give them their own interpretation rather than going the paint-by-numbers route.  And Australia’s Green Buzzard have totally re-envisioned Tobias Jesso Jr’s “Hollywood” here.  Where the original version was a somber piano ballad, Green Buzzard’s version is uptempo and even upbeat, guitar-centric alternative rock.  I had never heard of Tobias Jesso Jr or his song “Hollywood” until I received an e-mail from Green Buzzard’s publicist this morning.  To that end, I listened to Green Buzzard’s take on the song a few times before I looked for the original version.  So, to me, the original feels more like a cover.  But I’d have to say that both versions are great.  It’s a wonderful little song.  And you know I’m a collector of songs about California, so I’m pleased to welcome these additions to my library.

Here’s Green Buzzard’s official debut single:

And here’s Tobias Jesso Jr’s original version of “Hollywood”:

Youtube info:

Published on Jul 13, 2015

Green Buzzard – ‘Hollywood’ (Tobias Jesso Jr Cover).

Purchase Green Buzzard’s debut single ‘Zoo Fly’ below:
Digital – http://tinyurl.com/zoofly
Vinyl – www.greenbuzzard.com

Sydney band ‘Green Buzzard’ recently recorded this cover of Tobias Jesso Jr’s song ‘Hollywood’.




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