#songoftheday / VIDEO: GIRL’S DAY (걸스데이) – Darling (달링)

I’ve long felt that Girl’s Day were one of K-Pop’s most under-rated girl groups, but I won’t have to think that for much longer, as their awesome, new ’50’s throwback single, “Darling,” is doing quite well for them.  In fact, in just one day its super cute video has accumulated 672,417 views on Youtube.  Not bad, eh?  Most American popstars don’t even accumulate that many views within 24 hours of releasing a video.   So, this proves two things: K-Pop is not a fad and only continues to grow more and more popular here in the States, as well as in the rest of the world, and Girl’s Day have now graduated to being A-list K-Pop stars.  Cheers to them, then.  -Michael



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2 responses to “#songoftheday / VIDEO: GIRL’S DAY (걸스데이) – Darling (달링)”

  1. Sue D. Jones Avatar

    Hi Paris365, thank for you choicing video song for us. K-pop star currently really attack youths fall in love with their charming and also with their style of act that make the world recognize from day to day. For me also love them 🙂

  2. Ann R. Krause Avatar

    It really attractive for that song. k pop are beautiful and good dancing style make my fell fall in love all.

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