#songoftheday / VIDEO: Gabriella Cilmi – Sweeter in History

“Wishful thinking never took ya where you need to go,’ sings Gabriella Cilmi during her absolutely brilliant new single, “Sweeter in History,” a song that is musically and lyrically breath-taking.  Honestly, we found it to be mind-blowingly good.  It’s like Lana Del Rey on steroids.  Gabriella has always had a voice that was equally sweet and powerful, but she’s never done anything quite so emotive.  “Time is a healer, but sometimes, baby / Some things are sweeter in history,” goes the chorus of the song, which shifts and morphs several times with beats ranging from subtle and almost delicate to boisterous enough to knock you on your ass in front of a good subwoofer.  But it’s likely the lyrics — and the raw emotion in her voice — that will move you most, trust us.



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Published on May 18, 2014






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