Estereotypo sounds like quite the mouthful of a band name until you break it down, then it’s easy.  See: E-stereo-typo.  We’re not sure how they pronounce it, but we’ve been pronouncing it the way it sounds when broken down like that.  In any case, these talented cats hail from Spain and their upbeat, super-synthy  blend of pop and rock with indie vibes and electro-pop flourishes is an all around winner with superb production, passionate and immediately likeable vocals, great riffs, etc.

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Published on Oct 2, 2013

Music video by Estereotypo performing ‘Merging hearts’. Produced by Iced Dawn Films and directed by Juanma Requena.

‘Merging Hearts’ is the third single of ‘Estereotypo’, Estereotypo’s new album released on 21st of January of 2013.

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Music video credits:
Actors: María Blesa Guigó, Ismael Torres and José Luis Muñoz
Director: Juanma Requena
Photography director: Ruth Zapater
Camera operators: Ruth Zapater, Lucas Bañón and Samuel Conejero
Editors: Juanma Requena and Samuel Conejero
Postproduction, efects and 3D: Samuel Conejero
Grading: Ruth Zapater
Art and character design: Lucas Bañón
Make-up and fashion: Manuela Cantos Estilismo
Atrezzo: Ana Lirón
Production: Iced Dawn Films and Laura Monje.
Music: Merging Hearts – Estereotypo
Greetings and collaborators: Raquel Azorín, Lucía Requena, Rubén Sánchez , Daniel Huesca, Orquesta Malibú ,Joviluz, Montajes eléctricos Pérez and Dosbnc.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Icedda… http://iceddawnfilms.wordpress.com/ https://vimeo.com/user10071893/videos

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