#songoftheday / VIDEO: Dances – “Doc Youth”

Dances are an indie rock band that began in New York in 2011 by singer/guitarist Trevor Vaz.  Initially a solo songwriting project, it turned into a collaborative trio in 2013 upon the addition of bassist/vocalist Sam Stoltje and drummer David Su.

“Summer in the shade,” Vaz sings during “Doc Youth” and that’s exactly what the post grunge song sounds like.  Well, perhaps it’s a big more invigorating, but there’s definitely a chilled out — and hypnotic — vibe during much of the song.  Musically, it’s like a cross between Nirvana and the later day work of The Beatles with its loud percussion and swirling, almost psychedelic guitars melding into an urgent yet relaxed sound that’s perfect for indie-minded music lovers to listen to while nice and cool in the shade at their end of summer barbecues.


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Published on Aug 5, 2014



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