#songoftheday / VIDEO: CLIENT: “REFUGE”

CLIENT has returned!  Maybe you don’t know who they are.  There’s Wikipedia for that.  What we’re prepared to tell you is that new singer Client N brings new life to the group, igniting it with a spark not unlike that of Ladytron’s Marnie.  And where CLIENT have tended to produce subtle electro/synth pop, the lead track from their new album, Authority, boasts big hooks along with CLIENT A’s always intoxicating layers of synthesizers.  In other words, it’s like the old CLIENT on steroids and a winner all around.  We look forward to reviewing Authority soon.

Published on Mar 14, 2014

From the album “Authority” – buy it here: http://www.outoflineshop.de/authority…
directed by Carlo Roberti
video production company Solobuio Visual Factory

written and edited by Carlo Roberti and Marco Colassi

D.o.p: Alessandro Leone

Camera assistant: Francis J. D’Costa

Make up: Francesca Meli

Hair stylist Maurizio Lizzi for ZZAC!

Claudia Salvatori, Guglielmo Losurdo, Edoardo Maracino, Luigi Maracino, Sara Root, Giancarlo Bonanni Barbati, Daniele Coccia

Maria Cervellione, Marco Roberti, Ivano Lonigro



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