#songoftheday / VIDEO: A.M. SNiPER – “BUS PASS” FEAT. WILEY

If you like danceable hip-hop anthems by artists like Pitbull and Example then you’re in for a real treat with this one.  “Bus Pass” by A.M. SNiPER featuring Wiley packs all the bass you’ll need to turbo charge you with kinetic energy en route to your next party or rave.  We’re talking about massive beats, loaded with enough bass to have your subwoofer begging for mercy as it gives it a serious workout.  We just hope A.M. SNiPER and Wiley will collaborate again because this track is irresistibly awesome.  Or, as we say in Boston, wicked awesome.  Bravo!

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Published on May 16, 2014


‘The King of Ayia Napa’ aka A.M. SNiPER and the ‘King of Summer hits’ aka Wiley present the soundtrack to Summer 2014, ‘Bus Pass’.

Full of scorching seasonal references on the back drop of golden beaches, yachts, jets and holiday vibes, A.M. SNiPER and WILEY party their way through the video making you want to jump on their wave, grab your passport and use it like a #BusPass


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