#songoftheday / VIDEO: 4MINUTE – “미쳐(Crazy)”

Either you love K-Pop or you hate it.   Nobody just kind of likes K-Pop in a casual way.  Likewise, those who don’t like it tend to strongly dislike it.  And 4Minute’s “Crazy” is one of those songs that’s guaranteed to make you feel one way or the other.  There’s just no in between where this song is concerned.  At least not once you’ve heard it a couple of times.  Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it the first time I listened to it.  I’ve always loved 4Minute but this song is so in-your-face, so much so that it might come across as arrogant as it over-brews with attitude.  But if you stop judging it for that, you have to admit it’s kind of catchy.  It’s bombastic, to be sure, but those beats are delicious and it is pretty crazy, living up to its title splendidly, in a very infectious way.   So, give it a listen.  If it makes you feel nuts, then it’s probably doing what it’s supposed to.

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