#songoftheday = TNT: “SEVEN SEAS” LIVE

As you may know, TNT’s original vocalist, Tony Harnell, is back in the band and they’ve been playing shows all over Europe while working on a new album.  For a while, though, Harnell had left and the band released a handful of albums with singer Tony Mills.  What’s so special about this live performance is that it has both singers singing the song!  That’s like David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar singing “Jump” together with Van Halen.  Pretty awesome, eh?  And they’re even performing with an orchestra here!  Suffice to say, I’m dying for TNT to tour the States.  I’m sure they won’t have Tony Mills with them, and that’s fine because I prefer Harnell, but it’s nice to see them singing together on Youtube, isn’t it?






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