#songoftheday = TAMMY: “HATED IT (WITH YOU)”

TAMMY is a self-described “Sex-Folk” duo consisting of two people who simply go by Aaron and Brooke.  They met in New York  at bar called Ioana and could turn out to be their generation’s Simon & Garfunkel or Dylan and Baez.  Big shoes to fill, but stranger things have happened.  They certainly have excellent chemistry.  I do believe you’ll agree after you hear their lovely debut single “Hated it (With You),” a nasty kiss-off of a break up song if ever there was one.  Their goofy lyrics and light sound remind me of another duo I quite like, She & Him.  “Hated it (With You)” would seem to be a true story, too, as the duo wrote it when Brooke was going through a bad break up.  Songwriting as therapy, ya dig?  Well, maybe not therapy, but something to cheer her up and if you’re having a lousy day I think it will cheer you up, too.




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