Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” is a timeless classic, obviously, but I dare say this cover by Smoke Season is even better than the original.  They’ve turned it into a downright mesmerizing trip-hop song that’s twice as eerie as the Talking Heads version and the video is equally hypnotic.  As usual, Gabrielle Wortman’s vocals are a smooth as silk delight.  She could sing the phone book and I’d listen to it.  Easily one of today’s best new voices — in both senses of the word.  The music she creates with Jason Rosen never fails to captivate their reinvention of “Psycho Killer” shows you just how talented they are.  And it’s perfectly-timed for Halloween.

Read my interview with Gabrielle Wortman.


Youtube info:

Written by Talking Heads
Performed by Smoke Season
Directed by Scott Fleishman
Produced by APLUSFILMZ

Featuring Megan Duffy, Max Landis, Charley Feldman, Tybee Diskin, Shane Carpenter, Lily Tsark, and Smoke Season

Music produced & mixed by David Burris at Mateo Sound

For more Smoke Season music, go to www.smokeseason.com






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    Milk Milk Lemonade

    This was brilliant.

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