#songoftheday = SIGRID: “STRANGERS”

If you’ll allow me to pat myself on the back for a moment, I’d like to point out that Love is Pop was one of the very first sites to post Sigrid’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” which wound up being one of the biggest pop songs of the decade.  So, now I’m here to tell you about Sigrid’s brand new single, “Strangers,” and… it’s brilliant!

Sigrid has really upped her game with this one, which features punchier beats and a great, big, wonderful wall of sound.  If Brian Wilson and Greg Kurstin teamed up to produce a pop song together, I’m sure it would sound a lot like “Strangers.” It starts off subtle enough, sure, but soon it grows into a massive chorus that’s jam-packed with layers and layers of bass-heavy beats and percussion to give ya a kick in the pants.  Can’t wait to hear some club mixes of this one.  Would especially love to hear what Tiesto and Dave Aude would do with it.


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